Flow- Operations Manager/ 32 Hours / Day Shift/ BWH Allergy Clinic - 850 Boylston

The RN Flow Manager (FlowManager) is valued member of the clinical leadership team. The primaryresponsibility of the Flow Manager is to coordinate and expedite the clinicaloperations of a multi-disciplinary team, ensuring an exceptional patientexperience. The Flow Manager reacts to the immediate operational needs of thepractice, supervising and directing other members of the interdisciplinary teamto further the coordination and advancement of care of patients. Developsstrong collaborative relationships across roles, disciplines and departmentswith a focus that ensures the needs of patients are addressed. The Flow Manageris accountable for facilitating an appropriate response to the access needs ofpatients in alignment with practice based resources.
1.Leadership: Coordinate and expedite clinical operations including, but notlimited to: a. Directs, delegates and monitors quality of care delivered by thehealth care team.
b.Functions within and across interdisciplinary teams in a manner that promotescoordination, mutual respect and timely response to the patient's health careneeds.
c.Recognizes the impact of systems on health care delivery. Facilitatesdevelopment of workflows and pathways that ensure the coordination of careacross all settings with particular attention to transitional needs.
d.Facilitates huddles, promotes and models effective, respectful communication
e.Utilizes a critical thinking approach to problem solve and make decisions.
f.Identifies and evaluates operational clinical needs and resolves concerns early
g.Role models and facilitates change within the health care team to respond toemerging practice and organizational needs.
h.Fosters and implements innovative thinking to create alternative solutions.
i. Manages all resources tosupport optimal care of patients
seekingprimary care services in the clinic, telephonically and electronicallyincluding;
i.Gateway, telehealth, and other emerging care delivery models.
j.Models and promotes health care team building and leadership skills. Appliesleadership skills to facilitate effective team functioning and operations ofthe department.
k.Develops strong collaborative relationships across roles and departments with afocus to ensure timely accesses of emerging needs of patients are addressed.
l. Occasionally participates oncommittees or broader organizational initiatives as required.
2. Management
a.Provides clinical oversight and support as needed to nursing staff and medicalassistants in collaboration with the Medical Director and Practice Manager.
b.Manages changes in Nurse/MA staffing schedule and appropriately adjustsresources to ensure patient care and operational needs of the practice are met.
c.Authorizes hours worked by nursing staff and medical assistants, including anyovertime. Direct recipient of sick and tardy calls for clinical staff.
d.Assumes accountability for evaluation of performance of RNs, LPNs and MedicalAssistants under the delegation/direction of the nurse manager.
e.Participates in the selection, supervision and evaluation of staff.
f. Mentors new staff, assistswith orientation and staff development needs.
3.Quality and Safety
a.Collaborates with nursing and practice leadership in setting quality standardsfor nursing care and in the development of relevant policies and procedures.
b.Demonstrates ability to analyze, synthesize and apply data to drive optimalcare delivery outcomes.
c.Oversight for The Joint Commission of Hospital Accreditation readiness andquality programs.
4. Clinical Care
a.Provides evidence-based, clinically competent nursing care in a culturallysensitive manner.
b.Performs all clinical tasks and responsibilities of the BWH RN as permitted bylicensure, scope and institutional policy.
c.Performs skilled nursing tasks competently and demonstrates operationalknowledge of procedures and equipment.
d.Fills in as needed for all aspects of clinical operations.
5. Technology
a.Demonstrates technological literacy in using computerized information systems.
b.Accesses, evaluates and uses data and information from a wide range ofresources.
c.Demonstrates effective use of computer-based information and practicemanagement systems for population health management, decision support, reportsrelative to the provision of care, continuous quality improvement andprofessional development.
d. Provides input to thedevelopment of information systems that impact
e. Facilitates and overseesstaff use of health care technologies, able to develop, access and applyreporting data.
Graduate of an approved school ofnursing, BSN required. MSN preferred.
Current license to practice as aregistered nurse in the State of Massachusetts.
Must haveextensive knowledge of Ambulatory and Operations such as budget, evaluations,hiring, discipline action etc., as a Nurse Manager or Nurse Director.
Must have extensivemanagerial experience, 5 plus years as a Nurse Manager or Nurse Directorrequired.
Must workwell independently, have sound decision making skills and work effectively withand through inter-professional colleagues when required and facilitate complexdecisions.
Excellent communicationskills and strong team player.
Comfortable providingconstructive criticism.
Continuallyupdates clinical knowledge and skills through formal and informal education andreview of the current literature.
Epic experiencepreferred.

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